Monday, April 18, 2011

The Adventures of Haole the Penguin - in Mp3 or CD set

To get your very own copy of me reading The Adventures of Haole the Penguin just drop me an email to - use the link to the right.

There are two ways to get the 5 hour long Audio Book.
The Easiest and least expensive is in Mp3 format that you download for $3.99
Or I can send you a set of 5 CD's in a nice case with cover art for just$15.99

Let me know which one you prefer in your email and of course we need an address to send it to if you want the CD's and I will send you a link to pay.

The Audio Book has been recorded right here in Carpinteria at Frog Creek Studios using a high quality ribbon microphone and all tube preamps.

I know that you will enjoy this as a bedtime story for kids or in the car on long trips for the whole family or in your ipod as you jog the beach.

Thanks - Drop In!